Who We Are!

The Fountain Gateway Internet Ministry is located in Rogers, Arkansas. It is a growing ministry in action and internet Directory and Resource Guide for families and the Christian Community  connectivity with a Heart for Soul Winning, Discipleship, Children and Missions – both locally and internationally.

The Primary Goal with this Web Site is to give others the opportunity to get to know us,  Spread the Gospel  and  create a link  to Christian Churches, Organizations and Missionaries Web Sites &/Or E-Mail addresses. Another Goal is to make  this a place for the Christian family to find fun, safe, educational  and entertaining  things on the internet to do. We hope to pack this site with things that will interest  every member of the  family!

This site is currently developing and hosting the Web Pages of a great team of Missionaries by the name of GOOD NEWS IN ACTION! We ask that you check out the pages and see what is going on in their ministry for God. God has been so gracious to allow us to do this for them. Another Missions site that we added graciously is that of COE or Champions Of Excellence which bring the ORJ “On the Road with Jesus” email series and now The Branson Stars booklet. Other permanent or temporary sites will be added to this site as the Lord directs and as He blesses.

If you are interested in linking to these pages or interested in the development of a web site of your own I will be pleased to answer your questions, help you create your pages, create your pages for you at a minimal cost), or let you know who to link to in order that your questions might be addressed. Just E-Mail me at:  email

The Web Master’s Family: (Mark K. Doty)

About Us: We are a family of 7 and 5 of us currently have made The Church at Pinnacle Hills in NW  Arkansas our home and physically live outside of Rogers, Arkansas. Our son, Chris, remains in Colorado, is married to a wonderful girl named Mandee. I praise God daily for His Provision and Blessings for myself and my wonderful family, especially over this past years.

You may ask why we have chosen this area – or better put why the Lord chose this area for us – He decided that I needed a job as a computer Systems Engineer and now believe He wants us to pursue a ministry plan for us here and through our church.

As far as our church – we checked a number of churches here out but as in other places that we have been over the past 25 years as a family we require a church that not only truly and completely preaches the whole Word of God but that is also friendly, joyous and spirited in their Worship and Prayer – with a heartfelt need and action plan for reaching the lost for Christ. This not only in the adult ministries but in the youth and children’s ministries as well. To digress a moment, let me say, that too many churches have some of the above but not all of the above. Most churches do not have true Worship as faithfully recorded in God’s Word and unfortunately leads them to a slow death or small action levels in working the work that Christ has called them to do. As for what Joshua said in Joshua 24:15 “And if it seem evil unto you to serve the LORD, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that [were] on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.” My question is, how can you serve the Lord in a place that does not properly Worship the Lord? We have been so fortunate to have found or actually been placed by the Lord in many such churches over the years, that truly serve and worship our Lord. I will name them here for those who might be in those cities and areas so you might visit and worship with these fine folks: Applewood Baptist Church, Wheat Ridge, CO.; Bear Valley Baptist Church, Lakewood, CO.; First Free Will Baptist Church, Russellville, AR. and now  and hopefully years to come – The Church At Pinnacle Hills, Rogers, AR. 

Tammy is my very busy wife, especially with two of the three kids in school & their activities + church & activities. She also takes care of me which is a very big job in itself. She likes the internet when she has time to get on. Find out more about this busy mom by emailing her at: email

Stephanie, our oldest daughter, will has her own web page listed under Learning To Love. She is a very bright, fully mainstreamed Down’s girl that loves the Lord and will spend hours reading her Bible. Check her story out!

Our other two girls are named Tiffany (my computer hacker and full blown asthmatic) and Jeniffer the smile /:>) of our lives! Believe you me you don’t want to know their “nicknames” for they are “very active” children!

Please if you have a comment or not (fill in our Guestbook!). Also, if you have a prayer request do not hesitate to email us or use the Prayer Request Form – provided – all prayer items will be kept confidential (at your request) and answered if possible by one of us.

All Scripture found within this site is linked using either the Blue Letter Bible or the World Wide Study Bible.

We ask  you to have fun and  enjoy yourself  but at the same  time we want you to learn what God through His eternal Word (John 1:1) has for  each one of you. Hide His Word in your hearts and be ready to give answer to the hope that is within you.